Diatomaceous earth is made from the fossilized remains of tiny, aquatic organisms called diatoms. This is an all-natural product that can be used as an anti-caking agent in livestock feed. This can also be used as a natural pest control against crawling insects.

Diatomaceous Earth
RED LAKE EARTH is a unique deposit which contains a blend of Diatomaceous Earth and Calcium Montmorillonite. RLE is approved for use as an anti-caking agent or as an inert carrier in all types of feed, in amounts not to exceed 2% of total diet. RLE is available in a Course Grind (0102), Fine Grind (0100) and a Powder Grind (0101).

Available in 20kg bags
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Diatomaceous Earth Jugs
Pest Control: Many people find Red Lake Earth works well as a natural pest control product for use against crawling insects.
In the Garden (as a natural pesticide): Simply sprinkle (or mix with water and spray) at the base of plants or directly on to the plants. Please note: diatomaceous earth can also be harmful to beneficial insects such as honey bees. Be careful not to apply the product to surfaces with which these beneficial insects may come in contact.
Available in 8/1.81kg jugs (0099)
MSDS Sheet