Hi-Grade Salt is a high specification salt that is approved for human consumption. For use in a variety of food-processing applications, including baking, canning, pickling, seasonings and prepared mixes.

Hi Grade Granulated Salt
Windsor Hi Grade Granulated Salt is prepared by treating the screened, vacuum pan salt with a minute concentration of Sodium Ferrocyanide Decahydrate (Yellow Prussiate of Soda), a water soluble anticaking agent used in accordance with Canada Food and Drug Regulations Division 17.

Available in 20kg bags (0908), 40kg bags (0909) and 1000kg totes (2802)
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Hi Grade Granulated Untreated Salt
Windsor Hi Grade Granulated Untreated Salt is food grade, screened granulated sodium chloride produced in the vacuum pan evaporating system from raw, untreated brine. The salt crystals are cubic in structure. There are no additives.

Available in 20kg bags (0905)
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Tender Quick
Morton Tender Quick mix contains salt, the main preserving agent; sugar, both sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite, curing agents that also contribute to development of color and flavor; and propylene glycol to keep the mixture uniform. Morton Tender Quick is NOT a meat tenderizer.

Available in 12/907g case (7020)