Pool Salt is used in salt water chlorinators for salt water swimming pools and spas. Filtration sand is used in swimming pool filtration systems.

Windsor Pool Salt
Windsor Pool Salt is a high purity and fast dissolving non-treated evaporated salt designed for use in swimming pools that are equipped with Salt Chlorine Generators or automatic sanitizer systems. It contains no additives (YPS). Windsor® Pool Salt optimizes performance of the chlorine generator and prevents staining of pool surfaces.

Available in 20kg bags  (0807)
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Sifto Pool Salt
Designed specifically for use with electrolytic chlorine generators, Sifto Pool Salt conditions water naturally, creating pool water that is gentle on the skin, hair, nose and eyes. High-purity, extra-fine salt crystals dissolve rapidly – contains no YPS.  Sifto Pool Salt has natural stain fighter that helps protect pool finishes.

Available in 20kg bags  (1275)
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Filtration Sand
Unimin pool filtration sand.

Available in 22.7kg bag  (300)