Water softeners “soften hard water” by removing the calcium and magnesium from your water. This causes soap to lather easier, clothes to last longer, appliances and plumbing to remain stain and clog free.

System Saver II Pellets
Windsor System Saver II water softener salt is 99.7% pure salt. Compressed pellets from vacuum granulated salt incorporating a very low concentration from a combination of resin cleaning additives. Contain a minimum of 99.7% sodium chloride that is virtually 100% water soluble. Benefits: consistently softer, clearer and cleaner water.

Available in 20kg bag (1421) and 35kg bag (1423)  
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Select Plus
Windsor Select Plus water softener salt is a high purity salt that is mined from natural underground salt deposits. Select Plus contains no additives. Economy conscious consumers rely on this high purity salt for their water conditioning needs. Windsor Select Plus reduces mineral build-up in pipes and appliances and keeps appliances lasting longer.

Available in 20kg bag (5033) and 40kg bag (5035)  
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Rust Remover Pellets
Windsor Rust Remover water softener salt is designed for use in areas where water has high iron content. Rust Remover combats issues caused by iron and rust and can remove 15 times more iron than plain salt. Rust Remover also reduces rust build-up in your softener and helps your softener run more efficiently.

Available in 20kg bag (1440)  
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Nature’s Own – Potassium Chloride
Nature’s Own potassium crystals add the natural benefits of potassium, a naturally occurring element vital to good nutrition and health, to water. Eliminates sodium from drinking water and adds potassium to daily diet. This environment-friendly formula helps get the most from shampoos and detergents without drying skin or hair. Nature’s Own is safe for all water conditioning units.

Available in 20kg bag (1850)  
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